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Farmer’s Market & Serendipity.

May 16, 2010

I was supposed to have a play date with a Woman I only know on the internet. As luck would have it, both her youngest child and Natalie are both sick. We agreed to reschedule. Not wanting to waste a second of my day off I made a bargain with the devil (Zach) and agreed to iron 3 chef coats, 3 aprons and 2 pairs of checks in exchange for him driving me cross town to a farmer’s market I’d never been to. I thought I got a bargain, but now that I’m home exhausted and ready to take a nap, there is a pile of whites waiting to be starched.

The weather was perfect for being outside.

The flowers were in bloom. I love the colors of spring.
I really find myself wishing I had a yard of my own. City life has it’s disadvantages.

Natalie loves flowers.

There were a lot of baked goods around. We had cream puffs. And we bought 2 loaves of an amazing artisan bread. And surprisingly about 1/2 of each loaf made it home. We nom nomed it though the parking lot. We bought an asiago basil loaf

and a cranberry walnut loaf.

Someone was also nice enough to give me a sample chicken wing.
We also tasted a few wines by a local winerey. We bought the merlot, and I plan on drinking every lovely drop the second it turns dinner time.

Here is where the serendipity part comes into play. As we were walking back to the car we noticed tents in the park across the street. We decided to go investigate, and found that it was a highlands ranch music festival.

We perused

And acted silly.

And found hidden fungus.

The only low point of my day is when we chanced across a yarn store called sticks. And as I raced to the door in almost a full sprint, I saw the sign on the door that said closed. THEY ARE CLOSED ON SUNDAY. So, this is the closest I got to yarn loving.

Well, I better get going… these coats aren’t going to iron themselves.


Update: Nothing to update!

March 1, 2009

just piddling along really. on the upside my piddling comes with visual aids.

1. I bit the bullet and trimmed my fringe. It came out pretty ok.
I’m used to dying my own hair and have been known to hand people in my life scissors and ask for a hair cut, but now that i’m getting older i’m a little more cautious about looking silly.

2. Snow Day!!
Took Natalie outside to see the snow (she calls it nooooow) the second she looked out the window today she wanted to go out and see it. so after lunch we went for a romp outside.
it was super cold.

3. Who? (in progress)
Talked to my friend Jensen, told him I knit a hat for his mom. They live high on a mountain in Wyoming. SO I know it’s always cold. He asked for an old lady hat (he is very progressive) the best kitchy thing I could come up with is WHO? (the owl hat)

I also have a problem with making pdfs for patterns that don’t have them. I think it’s a sickness.
ooh and tomorrow is:
Photobucket MODEST MOUSE !!!

posting take 3

February 13, 2009

stupid stupid thing.
i tried posting twice yesterday.
and both times it didn’t work.
Once again, Here are the highlights:
Giving Modest Mouse’s last CD another chance. Not hating it

Crochet Banana
Finished but unstuffed

Knit Heart
Finished but unstuffed

socks.. still plodding along
despite 2 cups of coffee

My Favorite Cup:
favorite mug
you can’t see it but her bits “protrude”

R.I.P Lux Interior

February 5, 2009

Thank you for your contributions to the world.
I loved your music.