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Super samosas and stuff.

May 14, 2010

Today was my first day off since I started my new job. I rolled out of bed at 7 am and felt like the cat that ate the canary. It feels good to sleep in. Natalie and I are both coming down with a cold, I think it’s the obligatory “daycare” germs that I’ve heard so much about. The upside is that she doesn’t have to go back to daycare until Monday, that will give her little body time to fight off the germs.

The sun just flat out refuses to come out. My little tomato plants, while thriving are starting to notice the lack of sun attention.

I love my little plant, it is so cute. Its tomato plant brothers are also doing well.

My best friend Lisa came over bringing cherry cupcakes with pink frosting. I would have pictures, but I’ve eaten them all. Suffice to say there isn’t a faster way into my heart than cupcakes.
Earlier in the week I bought the ingredients to make samosas. I found a recipe I liked and tried it out today. I have to say that Garam Masala powder is my new favorite smell. I can’t believe how good it smells. It’s kind of spicy and deep. It was my first time making samosas, and I have to say that it was a success.

I also managed to knit a bit on my 9-5 socks. They have taken a very long time to complete. I’m in the final stretch before I start the toe decreases.

I’m loving this color. It’s risata from Knitpicks in the spicy colorway. I went to the site today and couldn’t believe that they didn’t offer this color. Gone are the dreams I had of making a damson out of it.
I’ve also been working on my pet project for my Aunt Hen. She bought a tiny couch cover thing from the thrift store, and told me she loved it and would like another, she made it sound very complicated, and I was worried I was going to have to tell her it wasn’t something I could duplicate. I was happy to see that it’s just a 21 granny square sampler. She gave me one of the colors she wanted in it, and since the yarn she gave me was acrylic, I followed suit and bought a bunch of acrylic from Michaels. I started on it and have 6 squares or so done.

I have a 3rd project in the works and one in my head. I can’t find it to photograph it though.
I love lazy days.


Boxes and packing and moving; Oh My!

May 17, 2009

We’re still very sick, but we’re trudging along. We should be packed in plenty of time.

there are boxes everywhere.
We made the important step toward true adulthood by buying our first brand new couch. Brand new!! No one has ever sat on this couch. It makes me feel very fancy.

I hope we can sell the old couches so that we can stop looking like sanford and son. Our living room is full of misc. furniture. Natalie loves it. She runs from couch to couch.
With all of the chaos, all of my projects have gone into a bag to hide from the moving.
I’ve been working on my plastic blanket. It’s an afghan to go to the park with us. I’ve made it out of carron eco which is made partially from recycled plastic bottles. There is no mistaking that it still feels very plastic, but it will be perfect for going to the park. I won’t die if it gets dirty.

But when I move and get settled I can get back to the work of serious knitting. I purchased this:

on our apartment finding trip to denver. MALABRIGO!! omg i get it now. I understand the love of this yarn. I picked it up in the Fancy Tiger on Broadway and the second it hit my finger sensors the lightbulb went on. I got it instantly. It is love.
I’m excited and scared about moving. I kind of just want it to all be over with. I love the part where I get to put the house together. I hate taking it apart. And all of the clutter in this place is driving me bonkers. I go back to work today. I’ve been very sick.
I’m ready.

finished objects or proof I’m productive?

March 14, 2009

tidal wave
I know my feet look like crap, but I’ve been waiting till my polish was in order to show progress… but I realized today that I’m lazy so it might be a while… Took the pic anyway.

Here’s Natalie’s apple. she loves it!

Layne HatJen’s Son Layne was born wednesday with yours truly in attendance. knit a little hat for him to come home in.

Jensen’s hat. too big.. gonna send anyway

Natalie’s little beret. she is so cute in it. (did i mention i hate the color teal?)

Natalie’s buddy sweater is in zach’s car.. ugh. no pix.

posting take 3

February 13, 2009

stupid stupid thing.
i tried posting twice yesterday.
and both times it didn’t work.
Once again, Here are the highlights:
Giving Modest Mouse’s last CD another chance. Not hating it

Crochet Banana
Finished but unstuffed

Knit Heart
Finished but unstuffed

socks.. still plodding along
despite 2 cups of coffee

My Favorite Cup:
favorite mug
you can’t see it but her bits “protrude”

Crochet Ear Rings.

February 7, 2009

I remember why I don’t drink coffee anymore.
I had a cup this morning and I was jittery and full of energy.
I crocheted a pair of ear rings. ( I don’t wear ear rings, I have tiny plugs)
I made these for no good reason other than “idle hands are the devil’s playthings” haha.
I also:
Wrote two pages.
Made two origami flowers for the presentation portion of Zach’s present.
Cooked luch and fed the baby
Talked to Merlin
Answered tons of emails
Posted random comments on other knitter’s pages
and it’s only 3pm.

fucking coffee. ugh.

Up past my bedtime.

February 7, 2009

I’m up way past my bed time.
I’m exausted.
been working on Valentine’s Day presents for my Lovey and my Natalie.
I’ve got the timing down that when Zach’s at work I work on his present,
and when Zach gets home and Natalie goes to bed I work on hers.
Here is Natalie’s Present.
Any guesses what this is?
If you guessed Crochet Banana you’d be right.
“nana” is the first word I hear in the morning. EVERY morning. It’s Natalie’s way of reminding me that it’s time to be fed. (except one morning she said Apple… that was really weird)
So, I am making her a nana to keep with her. Dorky right?

with that said, I’m going to bed….finally