I am a Mother,
and a Knitter.
in that order.

You know,
I never know the right things to say. And I’ve been known to put my foot into my mouth on several occasions.

I am not very good at comforting people and I’m afraid of the dark. I have periods where I eat only one type of food for a week straight, and I never remember to put the lid back on the toothpaste.

I have a habit of shouldering the world’s problems on my shoulders and spend a lot of time trying not to be crushed under the weight of my catholic guilt.

I come from a long line of feisty women and sometimes let my emotions get the best of me. I love to argue, even when I’m positive I’m wrong, and will fight to the death about something I don’t care about.

I go through periods with music where I listen to the same song for three days straight and then never play it again. I am evasive, I can dodge questions with ease, but can’t manage to dodge my feelings.

I’m notoriously clumsy and can’t be trusted around anything glass or considered fragile. I’ve never once returned a book or movie on time. I smoke too many cigarettes and drool in my sleep.

I talk through movies I’ve already seen. If it’s liquid and I’m drinking it, it will inevitably end up somewhere on my clothes or the floor.

I’ve killed a pet hamster, and over glorify my friends. I’ve had chicken pox but I didn’t scratch them.

I’ve been in love three times, and had my heart broken three times. I love my family but can’t remember to call my mother. I’m usually late to work but punctual every where else.

I get panic attacks that force me to call everyone I know in the middle of the night. I don’t like being accidentally touched by strangers, or being in large crowds.

I talk on the phone for hours, and always lose my house keys. I write tons of letters but forget to buy stamps. I prefer the company of children to adults, and leave my paintbrushes scattered on the floor.

I prefer going to the art museum to going to the bar. I curse like a sailor, and someday want a hula girl tattoo to match.

I carry a rosary in my pocket, but have never gotten around to becoming catholic. I’m so afraid of becoming my mother that I sometimes end up resenting her. I haven’t spent a holiday with my parents since 1995.

When I fall in love with someone I love them forever, regardless of their actions and that leads to alot of heartache for me… but like everyone else, I’m my own worst enemy.


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