I’m Inspired to Kick Ass.

Two things have inspired me to be tough today, One is this guy
I’ve been listening to Transformer almost non stop. If my life is ever interesting enough to require a movie about it, and needs a soundtrack that invokes coolness, mystery, and toughness, I’m positive I would want Lou Reed to write it. I want to strut around with a cigarette hanging from my mouth and my lipstick smeared. So tough.

And two is Justina! She is so badass. She’s conquered her fear and went to Roller Derby Tryouts/Practice. I want to be near her just in case some of her coolness could rub off on me. I have fantastic dreams where I’m wearing fishnets, shredding the track, taking bitches down. In my dreams they are chanting (niney niney niney) I’m not cool enough to come up with a derby name in my dreams! But either way I am fucking tough and bitches are scared. This dream is often quelled by one of two things.
1. I can’t skate
2. I am chunky and fantastically out of shape.

Maybe I can figure out a way to realize my dream of taking a victory lap while they play Perfect Day by Lou Reed while I skate by and pose in slo-mo. Eat that bitches.


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