Hello Summer!

Sun is shining, the grass is green.

Summer is here and with the changing of the seasons it seems like everyone in the house gets a virus. We are entering day 5 of natalie being sick. She is usually fine during the day but in the evening she gets a fever. She was given the generic diagnosis of : Viral Infection. Which is just fancy talk for “we don’t know what is wrong with your kid.” So I’ve just been trying to keep her hydrated and we’ve had to postpone our swimming fun until she gets over her virus.

Since we can’t go outside, I’ve been knitting. I spent a long time knitting on my 9-5 socks and they are the socks of doom now. I knit and knit and knit and they are still an inch shy of the toe decrease. So based on their unwillingness to become a FO, they have been sent to time out.

I have a scarf that needs to be frogged and I finally bought size 4 straights so I can knit this alpaca cloud into a scarf so I can stop having to look at it. It’s being stubborn and I wonder if it’s because the yarn wants to be a flutter scarf. I may have to buy the pattern when I get paid.

My newest project:

Isn’t it… green! I love it.
reminds me of this:

It just gets me into the summer spirit.



2 Responses to “Hello Summer!”

  1. ieatmybrocolli Says:

    that green yarn is gorgeous! maybe someday, if i ever see you again, could you teach me how to knit?

    we hope natalie gets better soon! i bet she’s ready to go outside and enjoy the warm weather. we’ve been wanting to set our tent up in the backyard and roast marshmallows but it won’t quit raining :\

  2. loachlover Says:

    I feel like a guilty person. You taught me to knit, and I only do it like once a year, usually in the winter. Or when there’s a statewide disaster and I’m stationed to work the control room at work. I did however, teach LaShawnda what you taught me, so in a way, I’ve done my kind of part and passed it on.

    Also, I think we have the same set of pint glasses and your watermelon looks absolutely delicious.

    ❤ HD

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