I never signed up to be in a 3 stooges episode.

I’m crossing my fingers, but today is starting out on the right foot.

Yesterday was just one of those days. The days that are ruled primarily by Murphy’s Law, and make you want to curl up in bed and not move until it’s over.

Work: While I’m still training and expected to make many mistakes, I made it through the first week with very few mistakes. Yesterday I made a mistake that had to be fixed by my trainer. While it wasn’t harmful, it was embarrassing, and almost everyone found out about it. Instead of letting me off the hook he brought up my mistake several times during the rest of the day. I finally told him that I’ve been doing a really good job, and some mistakes only had to be made once. He finally dropped the subject. Also a patient told my trainer that I was terrible at my job and that I should be fired. My female trainer stuck up for me because the guy was complaining about something that he’d done. It doesn’t bother me too much, but it still stings just a little bit.

I also got my final Hep B vaccine. It hurts like a beast. But hooray for not getting an infectious disease!

Home: While I thought she was using the restroom, my 3 yo dumped 3/4 of a bottle of Disney Princess bubble bath into the tub. The entire bottom was coated with the slippery, hot-pink stuff. It took me a minute to figure out how I was going to rinse it out with out activating the bubble part of the bubble bath. I could see myself floating away on a tidal wave of bubbles like in the cartoons. I filled a giant mixing bowl with water and rinsed it down, it took several trips and on the final trip I slipped spilled most of bucket of water onto the bathroom floor.

After I got it all cleaned up I was loading the coffee maker for the morning, and the used coffee grounds en route to trash can, bursts and spills on the carpet. Nothing says “Hey buddy, you’re not getting your fucking deposit back” like coffee stains on white shag carpet.

While once again filling up bucket/mixing bowl full of water and oxy clean, the kitchen hose pulled out of bucket and sprayed kitchen floor, niney and surrounding area.

I was lucky that the oxy clean worked and lifted the coffee stain out of the carpet. We’d just had these carpets cleaned as a thank you for renewing our lease. And since it took almost 2 full days to dry, I’m not keen on having them cleaned any time soon. By the way, did I mention how the guy that made the decision to put in white/very light cream colored SHAG carpet into an apartment should be fired?

I just had “one of those days”. I’m hoping today will be better. And I learned a couple of valuable lessons.
1.Oxyclean is magic.
2. Knitting calms me down and stops me from smashing things like the hulk.


3 Responses to “I never signed up to be in a 3 stooges episode.”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Oh goodness. That definitely was some day. Hopefully today is better for you.

  2. Christy Says:

    Anyone who thinks that shag carpet is a good idea should be fired.

    From life.

    Hope your week picks up!

  3. Leah Says:

    Thanks for the nice comment! I’m afraid there’s no real method to my sock photos. I used the self-timer on my camera, and just rested it on the porch some distance away from my feet while I tried out various foot poses (and watched nervously to see if my neighbours would notice and wonder what I was doing) – lots of trial and error required.

    Sorry that you had a terrible day. I hope today was better 🙂

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