It’s oh so quiet…

I’ve squandered my only quiet alone time today with photoshop. I was searching on google to find a quick tutorial on how to turn an ordinary snap shot into looking more like a cheap 70’s slide. I know with all of our technology I’m trying to emulate an instamatic!

Well, I came across a rad tutorial about making your subject’s eyes “pop” @ Pioneer Woman Photographyand I had to try it out.
Then I got the photoshop bug, and photoshopped a few more photos.
I did one of my friend Amber, but it’s not really my photo to post. I forgot how much fun I have with photoshop. I am contemplating taking a course somewhere just to make sure I know how to use all of the different options. It’s a very in depth program.
I love graphic arts, I think if it wasn’t such a competitive field I’d love to explore logo design and marketing.

Tonight is my friend Christopher’s birthday. I think I may have talked Lisa into going to the party with me. I just wish I didn’t have so much anxiety. I think I have potential to have agoraphobia when I’m older. I can’t tell you how many times I have canceled plans and talked myself out of doing certain things just because the anxiety level I had while thinking about leaving the house boarded on panic. I’ve been trying to visualize like my friend Doyle (an aspiring social worker) suggested. I try to visualize myself opening the door and walking down the stairs. Getting into the car and exiting the apartment complex onto the street. Whatever I visualize next usually decides weather or not I leave the house to do that particular activity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a jive turkey. I used to be perfectly capable of having a good time and being carefree. Something happened between my disaster of a marriage where I spent so many hours alone and ignored, to my motherhood being near isolation. I find that after so many years of being alone I’ve developed a bubble mentality. There are a few clues that I’m not really “sick”.
1. I am perfectly fine if someone is with me. Zach, Lisa, anyone.
2. If there is even a mention of shopping, or I have to buy something I’m out the door and down the stairs before my shoes are tied. (so to speak)
3. Don’t know where I was going with all of this. Talking about photoshop to discussing my anxiety… weird leap.

So yeah to summarize.
Photoshop = good.
Anxiety = bad


One Response to “It’s oh so quiet…”

  1. ieatmybrocolli Says:

    you should post the picture of me you did! it’s GREAT!

    i have anxiety now and then. i think mine stems from finally getting in a routine and becoming comfortable with it. deviating from the routine doesn’t happen as much as it used to. i also think part of it has to do with where i live. i get irritated/antsy when people stare when i’m out shopping :\

    maybe we should start a cool kids with anxiety club 😉

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