So close to death. (or why you should never touch mommy’s knitting)

Zach didn’t have school this morning, so we decided to go eat PHO before we signed the lease for another year in our apartment. We had a lovely lunch, came home and I put natalie down for a nap. I’m walking around the living room picking up; I look over and see a pair of knitting needles laying on her Disney Princesses foam couch. My heart stopped.

They were size 3 bamboo straights.
You might remember them from such lovely photos as this one:

I just finished chart 3 and was much further along than the above picture. Also if you are a knitter you might also notice the lack of contrasting lifelines in the above photo. That’s because I didn’t have any. I foolishly thought that because I put up my knitting out of baby reach and it’s a simple enough pattern that I would be fine. Ha. The egg is on my face.

A combination of things made calm enough to not to scream at the baby that caused my sadness. 1. Her father is a super awesome man. He was the right amount of outraged and sympathetic. He asked how bad it was and asked if I couldn’t possibly somehow save it. And while I ranted and raved about a week’s worth of work down the drain and how I was going to murder his daughter, he kept soothing me with “wow that sucks” and “I hope you can save it”.
2. I ripped back two rows and had the right stitch count. I only have to repeat one row of the chart and the obligatory purling wrong side row.
3. I was warmed and calmed by the Vietnamese love soup floating around in my belly.

This trio worked in synergy to ensure my child will once again be allowed to live to see 4. After freaking out for 20 minutes, I’m cooled down and over it.

It looked worse than it actually was.


One Response to “So close to death. (or why you should never touch mommy’s knitting)”

  1. Christy Says:

    1. Sadness that you will be gone another year.
    2. Rotten child!
    3. Yay for the salvation of your pretty lace. šŸ™‚

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