Things you can tell by looking (around) her.

This post could alternately be called : Why you should never drink loads of coffee and get introspective.

After reading the secret blog of a very good friend of mine, I’m intrigued by the thought that everyone we know has a very specific idea of who they think we are. It was disconcerting to see a more human side of a person that I feel is a superhero. It proved that while I’ve known her for years, there are parts of her that will always remain hers alone. Seeing her humanity didn’t diminish her in my eyes, if anything her fragility made her even more alluring. And the way she writes makes me want to know her even more.

So, with that said. I wonder what ideas the people I know and surround myself with have for who I am. I know who I think I am, and the impression I think I exude. I wonder how all of that comes across to other people.  I took pictures all around the house, and I wonder what they say about me. I wonder if they accurately tell the tale of niney.

Lets start with where I spend the majority of my free (non-knitting) time. (it isn’t usually this orderly, I have company coming over later)

Bookcases are an intimate area for bookworms.. what does mine say?


I think this is a great representation of the man I am spending my life with.

A lack of religion can also be a viable religion, if there is abundant faith.

I no longer collect turtles, but I still think they are the animal that best represents me.
I am a glutton, I take a lot of pleasure in food.
I am fascinated by vintage hairstyles, and the 1940’s
I waited a long time to become a parent, I’ve wanted a child as far back as I can remember. When I got married I just assume that the child would follow, and it never happened. I spent years waiting and hoping, then I met Zach and apparently the universe decided I had met the right person and we had a beautiful daughter. She is my dream come true. I am so happy, therefore, I’m incredibly annoying. I am one of those parents that acts like their kid is the center of the universe. No one child has ever been cuter/smarter/more funny/or more amazing than my child. She is the first kid to embody the joy of the entire universe. She is the body that my future soul now resides in. Plus did I mention she’s cute?
I am possessed by the need to make something out of nothing. The act of creation is strong within me. I have to create, I have to nurture, I have to because if I didn’t… I’d probably die.

Have I been properly summed up?


3 Responses to “Things you can tell by looking (around) her.”

  1. redfear Says:

    lovely introspective post, wonderful books, gorgeous knitting and a beautiful little girl! You rock!

  2. ieatmybrocolli Says:

    you are exactly who i’ve known you to be:
    wonderful, creative, witty, funny…and damn sexy 🙂

    ty for sending me here, niney ❤ you are super wonderful.

  3. Christy Says:

    Aww….now I miss my Niney even more. 😦 Come back to KC!!!

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