Dear Flickr. Suck an egg.

I thought I’d give a small update while I’m waiting for my lunch to warm up.

Look at my little baby, she’s growing up so fast. I had to take a picture of her today when I realized my little baby looks like a hair model. So pretty, she has her Father’s hair color.

Finally got all of the cards addressed and stamped, ready to mail out tomorrow.

I received this spiffy post card the other day from my friend Christy. I really do miss SF bay area, and promised an inquisitive 2 year old that she and I would run away there for a trip when she’s older.

This is the felt santa wreath I’m working on, It is slow going and I think it will have to be a next year decoration.

Here’s a little closeup on the sequining and beading

Here are my lousy socks. I was trying to use up the bits of sock yarn I have laying around and I fear that I’m not even at the heel yet that I’m going to run out of yarn before I can even get an ankle socks out of them. pattern is Diagonal Lace Socks

One Response to “Dear Flickr. Suck an egg.”

  1. Christy Says:

    Postcard! Glad to see it made it OK. 🙂

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