It’s beginning to look like Christmas!

I fell out of blogging when I went on vacation, then I caught a nasty cold and haven’t really felt like doing anything. But I can feel myself getting better and stronger and I am almost 100% again.

Here’s a peek at what’s been going on here:

Here is the scarf I knit using the yarn I got from Christy, as modeled by Natalie

Here is the cozy I knit for my new Nano. It’s my Christmas present from Z. He hid it so I couldn’t find it, however he hid it in the cabinet with the cereal. It’s the first place I go in the morning to feed Natalie. So… needless to say, He gave it to me early. Plus, It’s PINK!!

We went outside today to try to get some fresh air. We rode with Z to the club house, checked mail and I got my letter from my Irish pen-pal Liz.
Then we started our walk home.  We didn’t get 3 feet before Natalie saw rocks to rescue.

If you ask her she was playing with her rocks. The big egg shaped one now lives outside our front door. I told her we couldn’t bring it inside in case it was a dino egg, I didn’t want it to hatch inside. She is something else. I love her, even when sometimes she resembles a crazy homeless man carrying rocks and/or junk.

While Natalie was sleeping I surprised her by making snowflakes to decorate the sliding glass door. I found some really nice tutorials and they gave me the confidence to try some pretty crazy designs. Natalie was thrilled with them when she woke up.

While I was cutting away at the snowflakes, wasting tons of reams of paper, I made buns. I wouldn’t have made the dinner rolls so early in the day but I made the dough yesterday quickly and put it in a zip-lock bag, when I went to get a drink I realized that it had risen and popped the seal on the bag. If I didn’t bake it now who knows how much it would have grown and oozed all over the refrigerator. They are tasty.

This is my tiny Basil plant. (there are some chili seeds thrown in too) I bought it from one of those weird kits in front of target. Basil is one of life’s better smells I think. So I’m happy to see my tiny plant thrive and grow and hopefully someday be big enough to eat! I bought him a new pot, I keep forgetting to buy soil though to change him out.

Our Christmas tree has been up for almost a week now. We are eager beavers. I love Christmas, and it’s really nice to be dating someone that doesn’t hate it.

One Response to “It’s beginning to look like Christmas!”

  1. Christy Says:

    Yay! The scarf looks pretty darned awesome. 🙂

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