On the fritz

My camera is on the fritz and that pretty much just means that I (once again) forgot to buy AA’s for it.

I have a pile of wips that is threatning to strangle me. and instead of working on them, I’ve been knitting Turn a Square hats. And my neverending project, I’m knitting the stockinette section of Ishbel on size 8’s with Worsted weight yarn (for no good reason). I also decided I love wash cloths, I’ve knit a couple for use in the kitchen instead of germ filled sponges. I can just bleach these with my whites and it’s brand new.

My birthday came and went without me buying any yarn. It’s a bummer. I should have planned out the money better. Maybe it’s not too late to buy a skein.

Zach’s Mom is coming for a visit at the end of the week. We have to ditch the baby on saturday to do the “mom is coming deep cleaning” which means we will actually have to put away all of our clean laundry. phooey.

I’m being tortured by Natalie’s obsession with Dora the Explorer. She’s like a zombie when Dora is on.

One Response to “On the fritz”

  1. Christy Says:

    I escape from Dora, Shrek and Blues Clues this Saturday!

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