Knitting Probation


I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I’m burned out. Nothing I touch is going right. Between the Ishbel, and the socks I’m frustrated.

So my big plan was to buy tons of wool ease and just bang out hats for no one in paticular. Only, that didn’t go well. I tried 4 different hat patterns, some of which I’ve not only made before but really liked. Disaster. I tried impossible patters like the Amelia hat, I tried patterns for hats that were outlandish and terrible. Failures all of them.

So, in my desperation to not give up knitting once and for all I went back to the one thing I know I can’t screw up. 2×2 rib.

I’m going back to basics, and by basics I mean Silver’s Sock Class. Worsted weight, size 6 needles. It’s torture to be knitting plastic/wool socks, But I think this will get me back on track. Or at least buy me some time so I can track down and recapture my knitting mojo.

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