Lost that lovin feeling…

I can’t win. I’ve lost my knitting mojo and need help.
evidence that I’ve finally “lost it”

1.Ishbel. I can’t get the stitch count right no matter now hard I try. Something went wonky somewhere and while doing the lace portion I’ve never had the right amount of stitches. I need someone to look at it and help me.

2. While making Wendy D’s Diagonal Lace Socks, I’ve gotten to the heel portion with only one mistake (who needs all the yo’s in the right sequience anyway?) I can’t wrap my head around the heel she is suggesting I use. I made a perfectly good heel on my own and realized that since she made me add all the gusset stitches I didn’t know how to decrease back down to get the 33 needed to “begin working in the round” again.
I’ve tried this heel no less than 3 times. I even turned off the Biography channel feature on Hunter S. Thompson that I was watching just so I could pay close attention. Nothing. And since I’m being a goof and knitting them one at a time I can’t even fudge my way through because I’m going to have to remember what I did for the second sock later. Plus trutfully I’m not loving this panda wool. It’s splitty after you knit and frog it 5 or so times. I think it should be more durable.

3. I’m going to have to start knitting hats, hats never frustrate me, hats never let me down. Hats never have irregular stitch counts or crazy intricate lace portions. (although I’d like to see a hat with a crazy intricate flower lace panel on like 3 of the sides of the hat. Wow I should see if there’s a pattern like that on Rav.)

I need a knitting group again.. waahhhh someone call me a whaaaambulance.


One Response to “Lost that lovin feeling…”

  1. Christy Says:

    If it makes you feel any better, Ishbel is kicking my ass, too. I can’t believe all these people say it’s a potato chip shawl–can’t have just one.

    These people are all insane and their potato chips SUCK.

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