Stardate: 2009 or A picture update.

Update goes as follows: I’ve had one of those weeks where so much has happened it becomes too overwhelming to blog about it. So I’m going to stop procrastinating and post.. They are out of order but I’m sure it doesn’t matter.

Edited to add: My best friend got married!! Lisa is now Mrs. Patrick Hale
Pics to follow soon i’m sure

We went to the Capitol Hill Peoples Fair, Natalie loved seeing all of the people.

I finished a hat for David, His birthday isn’t until the 28th of July but I might not see him then. Good to finish early. The pattern is Armando I can’t say enough good things about this pattern. I love it.

We finally broke in the swimming pool at our apartment. Natalie, Alaina, Nathan, Tabatha and I went swimming. The girls are like little fishes. They LOVE the water.

Lisa, Shira and Liam at the rehersal dinner. I’m so glad that we rehearsed. It was a great party with tons of good food.

Just had to share a picture of the jewels I wore at the wedding. They are similar to the crystals I wore at my own wedding 100 years ago. I had to mod the ear rings to fit in my little plugs. No one could tell the difference.

Ha. these pictures are way out of order. This is one of the PG shots from the bachlorette party. That pitcher drink is called a “Bionic Beaver” it comes wth 5 straws for a reason. Shira does not like the beaver, It got her thrown out of the Squire once.

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