Getting Settled.

We’re just getting settled in our new apartment. I originally thought that it was alot smaller than our old apartment, but I’ve been shown the square footage proof that it’s the same. I think the reason I feel it’s smaller is the lack of closet space. My yarn and craft supplies are stored in the outside porch shed because the only linen closet is being used by the washer and dryer. I havent’ had a washer and dryer in our apartment for a long long time. I keep resisting the urge to felt something just because I can.

Since we wake up so early we witness rush hour alot. We can look out the window and see the highway. It makes me feel fortunate that I’m not one of the sad suckers stuck on 225 not moving.

Merlin came over and helped us hang our shelves and art work.

We’re pretty much unpacked.

The only box left is the one marked JUNK. I opened it up and it is indeed junk. It’s all the stuff you don’t know where to put but still need, such as: batteries, battery charger, pliers, random pens and pencils, a putty scraper, tape, etc. this is the entire drawer in the kitchen dumped into a box. Speaking of dumping we forgot the silverware dividers in the old apartment.

Now our utensils are dumped in a drawer until we can find a paycheck and a Target. I feel a little uncivilized every time I have to dig for a spoon.

I’ve been knitting a little bit. I finished Lisa’s Meret. She and I are currently not on speaking terms and I think to ease my guilt I knit her hat. The yarn is such a “Lisa” color.

I got some lovely going away yarn from Christy.I’m not sure of the yardage.

I started making a dropstitch scarf out of the pretty handspun. I doubt it’s enough to make a full scarf, but I just wanted to see it knit up into something. I’m thinking of buying a couple skeins of malabrigo and trying a shawl/wrap. I just havent’ found the right one yet. I’m thinking swallowtail?

I end this post with a picture of a future knitter. (awww)

One Response to “Getting Settled.”

  1. Christy Says:

    Holy crap! My handspun looks so much prettier when it’s someone else trying to do something with it!

    Not sure about the yardage on the handspun, but the green sock yarn is 540 yards.

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