From the edge of failure.

Knitting is both evil and sublime. I think it’s the nature of the craft to entice, enthrall and enrage.
I think in every knitter’s knitting career there comes a pattern or technique that for one reason or another makes the knitter fail. I think it’s the way you deal with this situation that determines what kind of knitter you become. For me it’s the Branching Out pattern on Knitty.Com.

This pattern has in 10 rows, undid all of the confidence I’ve built up from my 5 or so years of knitting. It’s devastated me several times. I’ve frogged it more than 6 times. I knew that someday I’d have to pay for being able to make cable with ease. I was sure it was some kind of pattern mistake, I searched Ravelry for both an errata and/or an apology from the designer (found neither). I even polled the knitters I know personally asking of any of them have made this scarf (all have).

So it boiled down to knitter error. So after searching for a different pattern to cut my lace teeth on, I sat back down with my needles, yarn and Photoshop. I opened the pattern and created a sort of blind that I could move that would only allow me to see two stitches at a time ( I think most lace knitters use post-it notes for this) and knit one stitch at a time. After one repeat I added a lifeline. And I’ve gone on, with the help of my improvised Photoshop blinder, to knit eight repeats.

I feel triumphant. I feel smart. I am happy. I am no longer a knitting failure. I don’t have to find a new hobby after all. I also don’t have to run from lace. I’ve developed my own series of tricks to play on myself to enable me to knit lace. Swallow Tail here I come?

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