I’m not regular?

I went from being almost totally uninspired to drowning in projects. Not that I’m complaining mind you but I only have one row counter.
I also have a bad attention problem so all of my projects have been frogged several times. I’m in a rut but refuse to not fight it.
In Progress:
Meret (for Lisa) It’s gonna get frogged again. 2nd time.

Branching out (a gift)

Note: the shocking red life lines. lol
Crazy Monkies (for me)

I finally got fed up with the stitch markers I bought at Michaels always poking my hands when I knit in the round, so I used my jewelery making supplies and whipped up a set of 10 stitch markers. I made 10 because that’s what the Meret took, and it sounded like a good number.
Here’s a picture.

I used beads I bought at the Denver March Pow Wow last year.
When I showed them to Zach he said: Those are pretty fancy for stitch markers.

We leave in about a week to go to Denver to look for an apartment. I’m nervous and I am really hoping that we can find something in our price range that is going to be available when we need it to be. We’ver been checking out craigs list and then running the apartment name through a site we found by googling (apartment reviews) It was right on the mark about the problems we have with our current apartment.

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