!~Happy Birthday or My Baby is 2~!

Natalie and Angelina
Today my little girl turns 2. The terrible twos have already begun. Something about Birthdays makes me nostalgic and sad. I feel like the time is going by way too fast with her. I don’t want to blink and find that she’s a teenager.

I’m taking her and Angelina (the baby she is mauling in the above picture) to Monkey Bizness to play. Then cake and presents at Grandma’s house.

I finished Haiku. I need buttons, the buttons I have are too small. I may take it with me and see if Karen has buttons that are bigger.

Also used my leftover tofutsies to make Scout a pair of baby booties in a blue green colorway. Scout is a newborn baby girl, and her momma is drowning in pink!

I had to put Natalie back in bed. She woke up and spent breakfast crying and throwing baby fits. I think she was still sleepy. So baby and Daddy are snoozing away. It’s the cutest thing ever. If I wasn’t sure Daddy would kill me I’d take a picture of them 😀

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