Mini Jaywalkers = UGH!

Finished one mini jaywalker, it was a bad idea for me. I’m even more convinced that they are not a toddler suitable pattern even though they were “mini sized”. I need much more give in socks for the baby. I’m off to find a better pattern. Will probably take a picture then frog this stupid sock.
In the sock’s defense, it looks lovely.

One of my Rav friends posted a pair of patterns for socks that look very promising. I’ll have to give them a try when I’m over the mini sock knitting thing I’m working on.

Went to the St.Patty’s Day parade downtown. Both Natalie and Zach ended up sunburned. Zach is going to have fun wearing his chef coat over his burn. Natalie is mainly on the nose and cheeks which I think is super cute. Jen’s Granny sent me home with some aloe to keep in the fridge to apply to my little lobsters.

I am thinking of taking a break from knitting today, I am just so frustrated with the fact that I knit way too tightly but can’t stand to use a bigger needle size. I might need to try yoga or some other sillyness to learn how to relax and stop using the death grip on my poor needles. Speaking of death grip, when I get my camera out of the car I will take a picture of my poor DPN’S. They are aluminum and actually bent from my death grip. Proof that I could probably tear a phone book in half with my bare hands. I’m so tough.

One Response to “Mini Jaywalkers = UGH!”

  1. shortly24 Says:

    Ah, so don’t try the baby Jays then… scratch that idea, onto the next one!

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