I’d be safe and warm… if I was in L.A

I recently made the mistake of getting on a birthcontrol that has the same hormones that the last one did, so I’m back in migraine land.

which means 5 minutes of internet time because for some reason the light from my laptop is one of my migraine triggers.

Once I figure out how to post from my phone I’ll be better.

I finished the WHO? hat. I think I messed up. It’s huge. and it’s huge on Zach. so that means it’s double huge. ugh. gauge.

I also knit up a pair of BSJ bootees, which also look huge. ugh. gauge again?
either that or i’ve somehow forgotten how big/small newborn feet are.

On the upside, finished sock 1 (still tidal wave) at the heel on sock 2. woo.

I’m trying to decide on a pattern for my next two at once toe ups.
I think once I decide which yarn I want to use the patten will come to me.

I’ll trust the knitting gods to deliver.


One Response to “I’d be safe and warm… if I was in L.A”

  1. Christy Says:

    Y’know, I am thinking that you need to be getting your ass back to the doctor so you can get a new BC script. Please tell me this is in the works!

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