whew, that was close!

Ok, so I realized a while ago that I’m not a monogamous knitter.
I never have been able to resist the lure of having two projects at once. I rationalize it to myself by saying such phrases as, well project A is for knitting at home, project B is portable, Project C is challenging… I really could go on. But I am usually really good about knowing my personal project limits. I never cast on for more than I can possibly knit.
For example list of projects currently on the needles/hook:
1. Natalie’s Buddy Sweater. It is almost finished. The only thing that is halting is process is the fact that I can’t seem to decide if I want to put in the button neck or not. I have plenty of time to figure it out since it’s currently at least one size too big.

2. Natalie’s Nana. Currently awaiting filling and the last quarter of bottom. But crochet takes like 30 seconds, so I’m not worried.

3. Zach’s present. Currently halted because I can’t figure out the directions from this point on. Agh. Need to ask someone. Is not crochet, will take longer than 30 seconds.

4. Tidal Wave socks, I’m still working on ‘em. At the end of the 4th repeat of the leg. I’m happy with this project and consider it to be my main project. My main squeeze if you will.

I have a lot going on, but it’s all manageable. And most of it will be done fairly quickly.
But having said that, I have to also say that new projects are sneaky rat bastards. I was sitting here, minding my own business and a cowl tried to ambush me. It snuck up on me so gradually that I actually thought for a few minutes that it was my own idea.
First, I got the glimmer. It’s usually just a word or sentence that floats around. Today it was one whispery word. Cowl. Cowl. Cowl.
Then is started thinking, do I have any cowl-ish yarn laying around? I had the pink stuff that tried to be a cowl before, when I also tried to knit a lace cowl on cough medicine. A million frogs later it got absorbed back into the stash. Since that wasn’t currently at hand I checked the bag under the table that I keep a random assortment of yarn in. finding something that would work, the next step was a no brainer.
Step three, Ravelry. I probably don’t even need to say any more after that. But I thought I would just take a quick peek at the cowls that are being knitted up. After twenty minutes I had the pattern, yarn AND needles in my lap ready to go.
Then a rare thing happened. I came to my senses. I panicked, threw the needles down and closed the newly downloaded PDF. What was I thinking? Problem was I wasn’t thinking.
Am I alone? Do any of you ever cast on and not realize you are doing it? Ever get two repeats in and think to yourself… shit, I don’t even remember needing a new hat?
I almost cast on a cowl, at 11:00 at night that would have kept me up until at least two.
That was a close call.


One Response to “whew, that was close!”

  1. Christy Says:

    My cowl is sorta pattern, sorta made-up. I did the linen stitch over 79 stitches for about 6 inches and then I increased 1 stitch every…five? stitches. Knitted a few plain rounds, then a few garter rounds. Did a picot bindoff. Will have pix…someday.

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