Up past my bedtime.

I’m up way past my bed time.
I’m exausted.
been working on Valentine’s Day presents for my Lovey and my Natalie.
I’ve got the timing down that when Zach’s at work I work on his present,
and when Zach gets home and Natalie goes to bed I work on hers.
Here is Natalie’s Present.
Any guesses what this is?
If you guessed Crochet Banana you’d be right.
“nana” is the first word I hear in the morning. EVERY morning. It’s Natalie’s way of reminding me that it’s time to be fed. (except one morning she said Apple… that was really weird)
So, I am making her a nana to keep with her. Dorky right?

with that said, I’m going to bed….finally

One Response to “Up past my bedtime.”

  1. Christy Says:

    Haha…you sure are going nuts for the crochet. 🙂

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