I’d kill for a green thumb.


Karen gave me this plant a while ago, and nothing I ever do to it will stop it from having these decaying spots on the ends. I love plants but it’s discouraging to know that I’m totally killing this poor thing.

I’m just relieved that these bamboo babies that we got at Shira’s wedding are still alive and green-ish (they are like a very pale green and these too have the decaying spots on the bottoms) I had to dust them today. I don’t know shit about plants but I’m blaming the dust for the fact that they aren’t absorbing any sunshine and are pale.

knitting wise:

The link to the ravelry project page

I finally stopped dropping stitches and overall messing up the pattern enough to go back to magic loop. and made a couple of pattern repeats while watching last night’s LOST. I think the colorway is a bit weird, it is a bit “busy” for this pattern i think. plus i’m pretty sure the colors looked much better on the skein.

2 Responses to “I’d kill for a green thumb.”

  1. strangeaslife Says:

    Your bamboo looks great. But it looks in the picture like you have them in direct sunlight. That’s probably the problem with the yellowing and spots you have. Bamboo is not supposed to be in direct sunlight; naturally they grow in dense forests and practically never get direct sunshine shinin’ on them. You’re probably keeping them watered, hence their good growth, but you’ll likely fix that yellowing problem by not letting them get direct sunlight. Now I’m repeating myself.. lol. So that’s that!

    • niney Says:

      they are shaded all the time. they were out in the sun sunning with the other dying plant. i was wondering if it had something to do with the water i’m giving them?

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