niney’s first knitting blog.

I’ve been tinkering around with word press for the better part of this morning. I’m going to blame my difficulties on being sick. Because it really shouldn’t take 30 minutes to realize the theme I picked didn’t support a custom picture header.

Realized I should probably get a knitting blog after wanting to post a rant about the Tidal Wave socks that I’m trying to knit. I’ve had to frog those fuckers twice already! TWICE. And that isn’t even counting the times I’ve had to “back stitch undo” (don’t know if there’s a proper name for that) I’ve done this pattern before. The like scales part. And I know for sure it’s not difficult. But first I had to frog because I was using the magic loop, and I kept randomly ending up with 31 instead of 32 on one side. I still can’t figure out where it went. Each little rib had a mate so… yeah.

I think that maybe either : A) I’m sick and therefore not thinking/knitting correctly. Or B) this tofutsies is cursed. It’s tried to become socks on about 4 other occasions. The last attempt being the Kaibashira socks. (loved the pattern but hated the scallop top.) or C) This yarn just doesn’t want to be socks.

Here is a short list of things that don’t suck.

1. My cold is only in my throat still, no phlegm.

2. Natalie is sick but feeling well enough to play today. Yester day she just lay around like a dishrag.

3. Went to a new knitting group last night in Belton. I like the people. They weren’t snobby, or mean. And they actually talked to me. And get this… one of the knitters was a MAN. Omgosh. I’m pretty sure that is the awesomest thing ever.(can you tell I don’t get out much?) But the main thing was they were nice. (Gonna go back next week to see if it was a fluke 🙂

4. My boyfriend’s mom’s surgery went great and there was nothing cancerous in her body. (double plus WOOT! On that one.)

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